I help you embrace + honour your true self — mind, body, heart + soul.

Sue Ko
Certified Holistic Life Coach + Mind Body Practitioner

I help you honour your true self by:

Getting clarity and direction for your goals, hopes and dreams.

Identifying and dismantling the limiting beliefs, thoughts and habits that no longer serve you.

Creating self loving habits to move you closer to your goals and vision.

Realising your deeper why and purpose.

Tuning into your unique self care rhythm to nurture and help you thrive.

Knowing you’re seen and heard without judgement, and fully supported.

Guided my thoughts + ideas into easy to follow steps

An an artist my mind is always moving, and Sue, by conversation guided my thoughts and ideas into clear, easy to follow steps, without changing my original intent.

– Vic L

Decisions that reflect my priorities

Sue has the ability to guide you if you need clarity about how to move towards the future if you're feeling stuck with how you're approaching life. With Sue’s coaching I felt more empowered to make decisions that reflected my priorities.

– Alice K

Work towards truly living my dreams

Sue has a natural ability to listen and support along with asking questions to help guide us toward what we already possess within. I looked so forward to each session and could so easily feel the clarity that came with our conversations.

– Amanda P

Reasons behind your why

Sue will ask you all the right questions to uncover the deepest reasons behind why you do what you do. She supports and encourages you to examine your hopes and dreams and the greater vision, not just for your business, but for your life as a whole.

– Miranti K

Clarity + direction

Working with Sue was a holistic experience in itself. Her questions cause a person to go deep which reaches into other areas of your life, and remind those driven, amibitious, “all-about-business” people of their humanness. Sue is so good at helping you get clarity and direction which comes from being an authentic listener, and the ability to connect with people.

– Shalani M

Calm + clarity

Sue has the ability to ask questions that guide you to the solutions within. By the end of our session I felt a real sense of calm and clarity about where I was heading and what my purpose is. Sue has a beautiful calm and caring approach and I felt she truly understood me and where I was at...but more importantly she encouraged me gently to let go of my own self enforced limitations and to embrace being authentically me.

– Mardi W.

When you approach life from a place of self love, you rediscover YOUR TRUTH.

Self love helped me find my TRUE SELF again.

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